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For many years to this time, UNCON Vaults Clearing House (UVCH) has also been in the business of helping her customers get the financial assistance to start up projects as at the time they need it most, this includes given of loans to corporate entities, Private Businesses and more, Securing of Assets and keepings of valuables. Since then, we’ve added locations, employees and services but we’ve never lost sight of our commitment to helping people properly secure their financial future.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service by providing Loans and support for your projects. We opened our first location in 1990 with a promise to treating our valuable customers with dignity and respects they deserved.

At UNICON , we take the opinion of our customers first because we belief that when you take care of your customers, success takes care of itself. This is our secret to success till date. No wonder we've grown so fast. Something else that sets us apart is our transparency and commitment to being active to our valuable customers as we strive hard to meeting them at the point of their needs financially.

Yes, we fully understand your desired, Ethical, Values and Respects are pillars of every successful business. First, you need to be moral, this attract blessings from our creator. Second, you need to value whatever you have; this create trust and wholesome to every business and organisation, Thirdly, you need to respect your customers, this is the life wire of every successful organization. We at UNICON Vaults Clearing House (UVCH), we embraced all these attributes, this is why we stand tall.

UNICON provides personal loans, business loans, public loans, multi capital project loans, government loans & developments worldwide. We DO NOT discriminate against any nationality, skin color, race or religion. This means that We welcome ALL COUNTRIES includng your projects developments and your business relationship. Our team are willing to work with you and to finance your projects right from the stage you are to an accompliment. Click here to read more on our valuable services

As mentioned earlier, UNICON Vaults Clearing House (UVCH) is a revolutionary organization with the sole aim of supporting and development of viable projects through our ever-ready; like-mind investors who have poll their resources (Funds) together to actualize dreamed and well-planned projects. At UNICON Vaults Clearing House, we are not bankers but professional funds managers, builders and developers with great skill in projects financing and working relationship with organizations. We provide smart financing and the know-how of Trade Capital to help our customers’ capital go further to enable them do more. Your company is building something; yes we get that. What you are building takes money, but it may also need knowledge and expertise. This is where we come into assisting you in planing and accurate budgets.

UNICON Vaults Clearing House is in the business of helping both young and old organization develop to it maximum level. Investing in the sectors we know best, we can provide more than just financing, we also bring insight, knowledge and expertise to every loan. your presence here with us is our confidents toward working relationship with your organization to show you the world of business possibilities, exceptional projects financing, development and accomplishment.

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